Market overview


The energy industry is currently one of the most dynamic sectors globally. Established utilities are rebuilding their businesses while start-ups are looking for partners to scale up their innovative ideas. It is essential for utilities to tap into innovation ecosystems, invest and find the missing link for their growth plans. Pöyry’s new digital Innovation Link platform enables exactly that.


Utility companies looking to identify innovative and decentral solutions to their most pressing business issues are launching international incubators or using open innovation platforms to slim inefficient processes. Realizing that it’s no longer efficient to rely solely on internal groups, or incremental steps to innovate, utilities are sourcing disruptive ideas and solutions from the international and digital start-up community. However, finding the right ideas and business cases can prove complicated.

(Source: esmt, Pöyry)

With Pöyry Innovation Link, utilities or venture capital investors have an easy access to a marketplace-evaluated energy ecosystem and large collection of energy related start-ups in more than 20 countries. The platform helps them to connect with start-ups, monitor innovation landscape and foster new energy related ideas.